Leonard Nimoy has passed on.

I grew up with Star Trek, like some of you, when I was doing that growing up, it was with “Star Trek”-there was no TNG, no DS9, no Voyager.
Star Trek was a thing you watched after school on the local non-network Affiliate, and we watched it every day.

Then, the movies came out, and we waited eagerly for every one (and I saw them all in the theaters).

Without Spock, it really didn’t feel like Star Trek for a long, long time.

a little dusting of green makeup, some rubber ears-and Leonard Nimoy and Mr. Nimoy created a being that inspired millions of people to be better people.

In his last few years, he wasn’t able to be as active in the scene as he had been, but without him, I think maybe Star Trek wouldn’t have become the phenomena it has been for almost fifty years now, and we wouldn’t even, by extension, HAVE a Klingon Empire to have a faction in a game based on Star Trek to play.

He’s gone now, at least physically gone.

Rest in peace, and remember…

Leonard Nimoy, 1931 to 2015


This Blog has a theme, of course. The theme, is based on Star Trek Online, it’s specifically about the ‘style’ of the KDF, our players, our community.

Not so much our fleets-most of the big fleets have their own sites, blogs, forums…and most of the time, those are pretty empty.

The KDF as a faction, isn’t for everyone. Certainly it’s not for everyone that, say, Al Rivera (aka “Captaingeko”, Cryptic’s lead developer) wants to see in the game. In a way, that’s kind of become the point, even if it shouldn’t be.

We come to Star Trek online, because we’re gamers, and because we’re STAR TREK fans. People choose KDF, because they’re STAR TREK fans, who like the KDF. You don’t find many generic gamers who like Klingons, (they’re usually aware of them, thank you, media saturation culture), so it’s fairly safe to say, that if someone is playing a Klingon in STO, they are, in fact, a fairly hard-core fan of TREK.

A “Trekker” or “Trekkie” (Depending on generation and location, local fandom subculture, etc.) and because of that, we tend to endure more defects in our Trek-themed things, than people who’re just there for some generic online multiplayer game.

Well, things have kind of hit a new crest-the game’s had the basic factional conflict “Resolved” with the specific intent of ending development on the KDF (which has suffered a consistent shunning from Crytpic for the previous four years with only short, often unpublicized breaks from that).

Delta Rising has introduced the most alt-unfriendly environment the game’s ever had, while simultaneously pushing Federation superiority (and rubbing our collective faces in it) through everything from ship design to new game mechanics. (I’ll be going into that more in another article)

The message from Al “Captain Geko” Rivera and Cryptic is clear… Continue reading