A KDF PvP Challenge

The April 11th Event is going to be the centerpiece, but it’s hitting during Cryptic’s “Delta Recruitment” drive.

And I want to do something MORE.

At each level attained by my Delta Recruit, (and whoever’s running with me when I get there) I will issue a challenge on Kdf Public Channel-a PvP challenge, for other new players at my level.  These will be for all five mission types:

Arena Ground, (at Level 10)

Arena Space (at Level 20)

Shantytown (Ground territory) (Level 30)

Capture and Hold (Level 40)

Shuttle (Level 50)

I have a crafting “mule” character. He loves to build purple-quality gear, and Superior Upgrade tokens.  The best of my opponents in these challenges will get something from me, as will their teammates, and my teammates.

This will happen over the course of the month, in-game and in-play.  Ranks will be rank-appropriate for each match.  The Ground arena will be MkII, the Space Arena Mark IV, Shantytown Mk VI,  C&H MkVIII, and Shuttle will be MkX.

The winners in each of these, will also receive a Superior Upgrade Token, crafted by me, In addition to their gear.   Winning teams in each match, will be listed on the blog here as they either fly with me to victory, or beat the everloving snot out of me and anyone foolish enough to fly my wing.

Now, that all said, I’d like to extend it to something like a full tournament, but I’ll have to talk to some of the fleet leadership out there.  Tentatively, it’s going to be called “Klingon Civil War” and will be running the full month, over the weekends.


C-store or Leveling ships ONLY. No lockbox, Lobi, or Event vessels.


Alright, discuss below.

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