and sometimes, I have to shake my head and wonder…

Okay, Cryptic’s developers announced they’re changing “Pilot” from a secondary, to primary spec.

and my first, gut reaction was “WHY???”

I then got hold of myself, and started thinking about what may have transpired to create that decision-making process.

Caution: below is idle speculation.

There are a couple ways I see this as having happened;

1. Leftovers from D’Angelo’s plans for Delta are being finalized and it was ALWAYS supposed to be a primary, but it wasn’t ready by release day, the work’s finally finished and now they’re setting to where they intended it to be from the get-go.

2. there’s a massive disconnect at Cryptic’s offices and they think there’s an active PvP market hungering for yet more power creep…just…waiting for the next level of power creep.

Okay, more than a couple…

3. people were using intel primary/pilot secondary and killing things too quickly in PvE while not dying often enough.

There is a rumour that the KDF will be getting a Tier Six ship soon…a Negh’var. Mind that we’ve been off-and-on hearing about an “endgame” Negh’var for as long as I’ve been a player, and it never yet happened, it’s apparently advanced to the point of turning up on the usual “Leak” page over on Reddit, and further, the rumours put this slow, heavy, engineering focused cruiser as having “Pilot” special seating.

shades of the Bort, maybe? Certainly if “Pilot” ships are released to the Feds, they’ll center on a fast escort class of some kind, or a second attempt at a Federation Raider-the tree hinted at would work well with a raider…if Feds were buying/using them, and such a spec tree would certainly be ideal for the BIRD OF PREY classes-ships that are already “Pilot’s ships” in that they don’t work as passive-faw-farming-machines, but instead are fairly demanding ships to fly in the game (one of their chief charms).

we’ll see what transpires in the next few weeks.


In the meantime, Scheming and planning continues for the April 11th event, and I’ve had a few more ideas…unfortunately, I’m not certain how those ideas will be recieved, given the condition of this game at endgame as it stands. (as in the aftermath of Delta Rising and DR’s Powercreep issues.)

In the meantime, I’ve made a couple changes…namely, the nick that displays here, is different from the nick on the STO forums.


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