Eight Days to Go.

I’ve gotten an idea or two that may pay off, and may not. don’t know yet.

First idea’s simply thus: soliciting some articles for the site, from players, and not even asking them to write the articles in English.

There are a lot of traits and features of this game, that people kind of…miss. Don’t use, don’t pay attention to, and there are things that were incorporated that don’t work right, or don’t get utilized because (drumroll) you don’t know they’re there.

The forums are a good source of information on the game mechanics of STO-sometimes they seem to be the only source.

but…those sources get buried in thread after thread of…stuff.

maybe we need to build a library of game resources HERE-resources that are particularly useful for KDF players.
even players that aren’t ‘native’ english speakers.

So I had an idea.  NOT sure if it’ll work or not, but maybe…just maybe.


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