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the framework has been laid down to begin posting guides and resources.
of course, the issue is that patrick or myself are likely not the best qualified to teach the lessons that may need to be taught. so we are reaching out to you. we want this to be a group effort. this is not a personal blog, nor is it a fleet blog. this is a faction blog written by members of the KDF for their fellow KDF comrades. if you think you have anything to offer, please let us know what you would like to do and we can alter your website perms to accomodate.

guides: the intent is to not only have ‘general guides’, but also some very specific guides that are exclusive to the KDF. Some of these guides might include playguides for KDF dailies, such as ‘Pi Canis: Way of the Warrior‘. or maybe doffing guides. people always hear about doffing is great KDF-side and we are heavy under the weight of dil and contraband, but do many people know how to actually capitalise on that? maybe you can help!

resources: i am currently transferring and categorising links to various resources. these range for useful websites to googledoc spreadsheets. maybe you have something you reckon should be added?

please comment below and let me know if you would like to jump on board this project. we promise not to hold you to strict deadlines or be demanding. after years of ‘fed this and fed that’ all we are really after are¬†fellow KDF that want to offer some of their knowledge and tips for the betterment of our KDF faction.


About ni'na

ni'na is a full-time KDF-main, website co-founder, and caretaker of the House of Beautiful.
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