Looking to Delta Recruitment…

Hey folks, glad you could join me…

Cryptic’s “Delta Recruitment” event. That’s what Cryptic’s doing for April, and we need to be there in force.

the new “Delta Recruit’ Captains will have a mission at Level 30 (per the Dev Blog) to join a Fleet. We should do our utmost to make sure they’re joining a KDF fleet. This is the time for your mid-level and small fleets to be super-duper actively recruiting new blood.

It’s going to be hard, we’re going to need to encourage new players to roll KDF for Delta Recruitment, and we’ll need to work to convince new Romulans that they want to side with KDF, and not Federation.

I’m going to be asking fleet-leaders and owners from small KDF fleets to have characters in place to help New Romulans see the value and benefit of signing with KDF over the Federation, and to signing with KDF fleets as part of their advancement.

Something that will help us, I think, is that the Exchange is running out of cross-factioned Plasmonic Leech consoles, and Romulan Warbirds have a slight power issue that can be helped by having one.

This may be something we can use as a recruitment tool for new Romulan players…maybe.

post other ideas down below, and let’s think about growing the faction.

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