Bringing it to the table. (What does the KDF still hold as Faction-Unique?)

If you’ve tripped onto any post of mine in the STO forums, you know that I’m a Bird of Prey player.

that is, out of my group of KDF characters, all of them have at one time or another, been wholly dependent on a Hegh’ta after level 40, and that most of my existing characters rely on the Bird of Prey for their ‘ride’…even in the presence and availability (and sometimes ownership) of ‘better’ ships from a pure DPS (Damage Per Second) perspective.

A big part of this, is that nobody else has one.

There are cross-faction Raiders now, and the Fed-side has the Aquarius, which is basically a rebranded cross-faction raider.

But those inevitably have at least one fixed bridge station, and have to rely on a console to cloak.

Once upon a long time ago (game time) KDF had several ‘unique’ types of ship. Continue reading

Guides & Resources


the framework has been laid down to begin posting guides and resources.
of course, the issue is that patrick or myself are likely not the best qualified to teach the lessons that may need to be taught. so we are reaching out to you. we want this to be a group effort. this is not a personal blog, nor is it a fleet blog. this is a faction blog written by members of the KDF for their fellow KDF comrades. if you think you have anything to offer, please let us know what you would like to do and we can alter your website perms to accomodate. Continue reading

Eight Days to Go.

I’ve gotten an idea or two that may pay off, and may not. don’t know yet.

First idea’s simply thus: soliciting some articles for the site, from players, and not even asking them to write the articles in English.

There are a lot of traits and features of this game, that people kind of…miss. Don’t use, don’t pay attention to, and there are things that were incorporated that don’t work right, or don’t get utilized because (drumroll) you don’t know they’re there.

The forums are a good source of information on the game mechanics of STO-sometimes they seem to be the only source.

but…those sources get buried in thread after thread of…stuff.

maybe we need to build a library of game resources HERE-resources that are particularly useful for KDF players.
even players that aren’t ‘native’ english speakers.

So I had an idea.  NOT sure if it’ll work or not, but maybe…just maybe.


Spec Points and Way of the Warrior: *a thought-experiment.

I’d like to suggest, in our preparations for the 14th, a few folks whom are “over fifty” in levels, and still grinding spec trees, try out a few of the wrapper missions and see if we can’t find something better than ‘park and wait’ for gathering spec-points.
The wrapper in mind, is the Pi Canis:Way of the Warrior string that we’re going to be taking the low-and-mid-levels through during the Festival.

Reason I bring this up, is that on the forums, you see constant bleating about ARgala-first about the Argala grind, now about the Argala cooldown.

Pi Canis Way of the Warrior is the PI Canis sorties A, and B. It pays out dilithium (still, at least unless they patch that away) and the missions are pretty straight-forward “Fly here, kill those” missions until you get to the convoy.

Seems to me, we might be able to note decent skillpoint payouts for taking that wrapper on, and best of all, it’s KDF exclusive content (at least, until Geko gets it bowdlerized).

Yes, I know, it’s PATROLS…but it’s KDF patrols, which means it’s raiding, killing (NPC) Feds…

Problem being, one player doing it isn’t a good sample to see if this might be a more palatable alternative to Tau Dewa or Delta “Run/park/run” grinds.

Now, back in the day, back when I was in House of Beautiful Orions we’d occasionally team those runs. It was good practice for teaching new players how to work together until they could actually run STF’s.

That was…a couple years ago.

anyhow, the thought-experiment is this: let’s get some experimental runs done in Tau Dewa at different times, with different players at different levels, and work up some baseline averages using the mission, list out payouts in Dilthium and ‘average’ skillpoint awards for doing that daily.

Discuss your results here, or on the Forums.

Volunteering for The Festival!

getting inquiries into how to volunteer, and being as I DO have a day (well, night) job 40 hours a week (not including overtime), it could be tough to get ahold of me in-game before the event (especially if you live a normal 9-to-5 life, I start work at 1400 PST and get out at 2230 PST. 2 to 10:30 for folks who use a normal 12 hour clock).

So, there’s a few ways to work around this that don’t involve you staying up until all the wee hours of the morning.

1: Post here. I’m going to be checking daily.

2: PM me on the STO Forums. It’s not realtime, but I can usually get on them through the phone on breaks at work, and I always at least ‘look’ there when I get home.

3. In-game ‘mail’, send it to “K’ragh the Fool@Patrickngo” on the game itself. I’ll kick you a response.

4. Catch me when I’m actually playing. Weeknights the best times are well into the small hours of the morning-I sometimes don’t get on until around 2 AM Pacific time (12:00 GMT) during the week. I’m a little better during the week-end.