Preparing for April 2…”Plan your build”

yes, we have time to prep…and for you crafters out there, I’ve got an idea.

Make ‘sets’ to match your levelling plans.

It’s extremely easy to craft purple gear for low-level characters if you have a character that’s progressed in Cryptic’s rather…elaborate…crafting system.  This is something you can use, especially if you’re planning to ‘power level’ through the content to hit Cryptic’s ‘targets’ on a weekly basis.


It’s also dead cheap at low levels-which means your crafting mule can knock out several variations of ship-sets and ground-sets so you can pick and choose which ones to forward to your Delta Recruit. (whom can then turn the vendor-trash into EC instead of trying to make dissimilar parts work together!)


also, don’t grind up all your purples from Doffing-and don’t sell all of them either-you can transfer the un-bound ones through in-game-mail, along with skill manuals, to pre-plan your total builds from day one-this is something a lot of PvP and DPS folk already know.


anywhooo, as always, comments and arguments are expected and desired…

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