Spec Points and Way of the Warrior: *a thought-experiment.

I’d like to suggest, in our preparations for the 14th, a few folks whom are “over fifty” in levels, and still grinding spec trees, try out a few of the wrapper missions and see if we can’t find something better than ‘park and wait’ for gathering spec-points.
The wrapper in mind, is the Pi Canis:Way of the Warrior string that we’re going to be taking the low-and-mid-levels through during the Festival.

Reason I bring this up, is that on the forums, you see constant bleating about ARgala-first about the Argala grind, now about the Argala cooldown.

Pi Canis Way of the Warrior is the PI Canis sorties A, and B. It pays out dilithium (still, at least unless they patch that away) and the missions are pretty straight-forward “Fly here, kill those” missions until you get to the convoy.

Seems to me, we might be able to note decent skillpoint payouts for taking that wrapper on, and best of all, it’s KDF exclusive content (at least, until Geko gets it bowdlerized).

Yes, I know, it’s PATROLS…but it’s KDF patrols, which means it’s raiding, killing (NPC) Feds…

Problem being, one player doing it isn’t a good sample to see if this might be a more palatable alternative to Tau Dewa or Delta “Run/park/run” grinds.

Now, back in the day, back when I was in House of Beautiful Orions we’d occasionally team those runs. It was good practice for teaching new players how to work together until they could actually run STF’s.

That was…a couple years ago.

anyhow, the thought-experiment is this: let’s get some experimental runs done in Tau Dewa at different times, with different players at different levels, and work up some baseline averages using the mission, list out payouts in Dilthium and ‘average’ skillpoint awards for doing that daily.

Discuss your results here, or on the Forums.

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