The March 14th Festival went off VERY well…

So we’re doing it again-next month, April 11, 2015.

This will be hitting during the first two weeks of the “Delta Recruitment” event, in which Cryptic’s giving new-generated characters special storyline and bonuses.

Which means that while the March Festival was mainly focused on established KDF and KDF/Romulan Alts, this one will be much more focused toward leveling new characters.

It’s a good thing we walked out of the March festival with more infrastructure than we started-we have a channel now, that isn’t tied to any specific Fleet (though thank you to those who offered the use of theirs for the event.)

“Kdf Public Channel”-was started just for us by an enterprising member of the community, and I’m told it will remain in operation for as long as people want to use it.


12:00 GMT April 11 is the kick off, again-because it worked pretty well for most players. That’s 5 AM Pacific Daylight time.

Ending runs should be ready to go by 8 AM GMT the 12th for you folk in Europe, in the States it’s Midnight of the 11th/12th.

I’d like to thank all the people who stepped up and volunteered, or just stepped up and made call-outs for runs and games during this event, and I’d like y’all to come do it again.

Now, we’ve got a few days between now, and the 11th of April to really try and get organized….


watch this space, and comments are always welcome.

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