Volunteering for The Festival!

getting inquiries into how to volunteer, and being as I DO have a day (well, night) job 40 hours a week (not including overtime), it could be tough to get ahold of me in-game before the event (especially if you live a normal 9-to-5 life, I start work at 1400 PST and get out at 2230 PST. 2 to 10:30 for folks who use a normal 12 hour clock).

So, there’s a few ways to work around this that don’t involve you staying up until all the wee hours of the morning.

1: Post here. I’m going to be checking daily.

2: PM me on the STO Forums. It’s not realtime, but I can usually get on them through the phone on breaks at work, and I always at least ‘look’ there when I get home.

3. In-game ‘mail’, send it to “K’ragh the Fool@Patrickngo” on the game itself. I’ll kick you a response.

4. Catch me when I’m actually playing. Weeknights the best times are well into the small hours of the morning-I sometimes don’t get on until around 2 AM Pacific time (12:00 GMT) during the week. I’m a little better during the week-end.

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