bloodwine and gagh sigs


in an effort to make it easier for all of use to promote out kdf agenda, i have made a few of our old event banners available as general blog promotion sigs below.

i am thinking to make more available over the coming week. we definitely need a gorn and a BoP, possibly a nausicaan… if you have any suggestions feel free to let me know. Continue reading

I know…lots of people have waited over three years for this…

The arrival (Finally!) of a higher-Tier, up-arted, up-statted Negh’var…

I get it, I really do.

My problem with it, is simply thus:

It’s not “Iconic”, it’s just another damn Battlecruiser that’s really just another damn Cruiser with a Battlecruiser skin.

What’s an “icon” ship for the Klingon Empire? well…if you’re going to base off the Canon of Star Trek…

You gotz three ships that more effectively communicate the Klingon focus on success in the battlefield, two have overlap across eras in Star Trek.

The D7/K’Tinga cruisers (Appearances in The Old Series, including sailing under Romulan flags) ran from the era of Kirk to the Era of Sisko in various forms that retained the fundamental layout. Continue reading