Looking to Delta Recruitment…

Hey folks, glad you could join me…

Cryptic’s “Delta Recruitment” event. That’s what Cryptic’s doing for April, and we need to be there in force.

the new “Delta Recruit’ Captains will have a mission at Level 30 (per the Dev Blog) to join a Fleet. We should do our utmost to make sure they’re joining a KDF fleet. This is the time for your mid-level and small fleets to be super-duper actively recruiting new blood.

It’s going to be hard, we’re going to need to encourage new players to roll KDF for Delta Recruitment, and we’ll need to work to convince new Romulans that they want to side with KDF, and not Federation. Continue reading

Bringing it to the table. (What does the KDF still hold as Faction-Unique?)

If you’ve tripped onto any post of mine in the STO forums, you know that I’m a Bird of Prey player.

that is, out of my group of KDF characters, all of them have at one time or another, been wholly dependent on a Hegh’ta after level 40, and that most of my existing characters rely on the Bird of Prey for their ‘ride’…even in the presence and availability (and sometimes ownership) of ‘better’ ships from a pure DPS (Damage Per Second) perspective.

A big part of this, is that nobody else has one.

There are cross-faction Raiders now, and the Fed-side has the Aquarius, which is basically a rebranded cross-faction raider.

But those inevitably have at least one fixed bridge station, and have to rely on a console to cloak.

Once upon a long time ago (game time) KDF had several ‘unique’ types of ship. Continue reading