Pilot Ships! (and other madnesses)

AKA “wow, they finally made a decent raptor part 2.”

In the next week or so, I’ll be going over the performance of the KDF version of the Pilot ships (obtained for 6000 zen as a 3 pack), using Koreh, my Delta Recruit tac who hasn’t spent any of his spec points yet and doesn’t have a lot of rep-tree completed.

This should help guide new KDF players working on their first KDF character, or people like me who really don’t care for repeating PvE endlessly (Generally, a solid ‘baseline performance’ only gets better with the addition of rep, fleet, and lobi gear.  We’ll see.)

eventually I’ll not be too busy to enjoy myself again, and maybe I’ll be able to get ahold of Thissler and the others so we can actually pull that all-BoP STF run.  It’s not just time, it’s timing.  Mine’s been horribly mangled the last three weeks.