the domain has expired. has always been a backup domain, and it is now in use excluvely. this is an auto renewing domain that, once a year, costs less than a pack of cigarettes. there is no plan to ever let the domain expire just to save $10 a year.

the website is hosted on a server that runs,, and many others. i imagine i will be running a web server for the rest of my life, so i cannot imagine never being able to host this site.

basically, what i am saying is that this website is always going to be here, whether we actually use it or not. id prefer we did use it, and the more we do use it the more likely i am to work on it. if you want to contribute (write stuff), let me know.

you can log in here:

bloodwine and gagh sigs


in an effort to make it easier for all of use to promote out kdf agenda, i have made a few of our old event banners available as general blog promotion sigs below.

i am thinking to make more available over the coming week. we definitely need a gorn and a BoP, possibly a nausicaan… if you have any suggestions feel free to let me know. Continue reading

Guides & Resources


the framework has been laid down to begin posting guides and resources.
of course, the issue is that patrick or myself are likely not the best qualified to teach the lessons that may need to be taught. so we are reaching out to you. we want this to be a group effort. this is not a personal blog, nor is it a fleet blog. this is a faction blog written by members of the KDF for their fellow KDF comrades. if you think you have anything to offer, please let us know what you would like to do and we can alter your website perms to accomodate. Continue reading