User Roles


This is just a quick rundown on user roles and workflow.
All submissions will be manually categorised and reviewed by an editor prior to publication. When required, editors may make spelling, gramatical and/or structural changes prior to publication.

Subscriber: The general population. Subscribers are able to comment, follow postings and the like, and private message. Subscriber comments may be held from publication via anti-spam measures and require manual approval, although this is not expected to happen once a subscriber demonstrates that they are not a spammer. Comments are not generally edited or altered unless in the case of spam.

Contributor: Primary function is that of guide and resource content creator. The role includes the ability to create pages and submit them publication, and the ability to submit blog posts for publication. These pages are always fit for publication as either a guide or a resource. The blog posts are always intended to announce the publication or editing of a page. Users of this role are not to post editorial content, particularly blog postings.

Author: Primary function is that of editorial content creator. Although role permissions are similar to that of a contributor, the intended function is very different. Authors are expected to post compelling blog posts, and make efforts to include proper spelling, use the appropriate categories and include any relevant tags.

Editor: This is actually a secondary function, best summarised as the ability to edit others content. An editor is likely to assume a primary role of either a Contributor or an Author. There are currently only two editors; Patrick is an Author/Editor, and ni’na is a Contributor/Editor.


Note: Be aware that your user profile will become more prominent once you move past the Subscriber role. Contributors and Authors should ensure they have an avatar upload, and have taken a few minutes to put something relevant in their bio, filled in any social media locations and so on in the dashboard on their profile options: